IT Boxing Championship


IT Boxing - Yellow CardThe initiative “IT Boxing Championship” is a series of events organized by the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD) at which we invite supporters of different software technologies to an open dispute “Which technology is better?”.

At these meetings the adherents of the opposing technologies defend their vision for better technology by presentations, discussions and open debate that ends up in direct fight with inflatable boxing gloves.

For each IT boxing event we assign a topic for dispute and teams that stand up for contrary visions. During the fight all contestants are obligated to keep the opponent of injuring.

Before each meeting the sponsors form two teams of contestants, who will defend the two technologies. The subject of discussion is given in advance and all the debates should be around it. The meetings are held in a proper hall with good conditions for presentations, discussions and direct confrontations.

Look at the Events page for our previous and forthcoming IT Boxing events.

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